Adélaïde Labille-Guiard

COMMUNITY ARTISTICA CULTURALE “IL NOSTRO IMMENSO PATRIMONIO ARTISTICO CULTURALE” Google+ INVITO in Allegati : ADELAIDE LABILLE GUIARD Pittrice Francese CELEBRAZIONI DEGLI ANNIVERSARI § 268° NASCITA l’ 11 APRILE 1749 e 214° della MORTE+24 APRILE 1803 PARIGI, FRANCIA § GRAZIE pittrice Susanna Galbarini profilo ARTE.IT online MAPPARE L’ARTE IN ITALIA notizie e informazioni d’Arte con scheda personale :

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Self portrait of Adélaïde Labille-Guiard ) Self portrait of Adélaïde Labille-Guiard )

In my last blog I looked at the life of the eighteenth century French artist, Anne Vallayer-Coster and featured a number of her exquisitely painted floral still-life works.   In today´s blog I am looking at the life and works of a contemporary of hers, the talented French miniaturist and portrait painter, Adélaide Labille-Guiard.

Adélaïde Labille was born in Paris in April 1749, the youngest of eight children, to Marie-Anne Saint-Martin and Claude-Edme Labille.  Her father was a marchand du corps de la mercerize (a haberdasher)and he and his wife owned a haberdashery shop, La Toilette, in the rue Neuve des Petits-Champs, at the heart of the capital.  Their home was also situated on this street.   The shop became very popular and by the 1760’s it had built up an élite clientele.  One interesting fact about the family shop was that in 1761…

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