Living in the Gray

Mind of a Mouse

Introvert or extrovert? Can I answer Both or Neither? Or, Sometimes?

I don’t like parties, but I don’t like being alone either. I like a round table in a quiet restaurant, surrounded by interesting and interested people. I don’t like confrontation or arguments, but I’ll dive right into a heated discussion on a topic I feel I know something about. Like how no one, and I mean NO ONE, lives at the extremes. We all have a bit of the gray lurking in us.

We use these labels to help define who we are. But that definition is the first line in a Wikipedia entry, just the intro, or summary. If you actually want to know anything about me, you have to keep reading.  But, full disclosure: it all gets very, very complicated.

For example, I can’t blame my dislike of parties on something as simple as introversion. Yes, the sound…

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