Rendiamo omaggio al nostro amico birichino… il gatto… in poesia arte e…

ARTISTICAMENTE DEDICATO AI NOSTRI SIMPATICI AMICI “FELINI” TWITTER e segui notizie e informazioni artistiche in Blog d’Arte “Pittura e Pigmento” profilo con foto-pitture e video-arte con interviste: link grazie: tra tutti i video, inserito video -animali bellissimo! pittrice Susanna Galbarini






















































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Della natura o Del modo come si fa indaco, Cennini non dice

CENNINO CENNINI DELL’ARTE o TRATTATO DELLA PITTURA primo testo di scrittura sull’Arte dell’epoca che sostituisce l’insegnamento orale delle botteghe artigiane. pittrice Susanna Galbarini

The sour life.

Il Mondo poetico,un’oasi d’impareggiabile e d’ impalpabile malinconia…………..

Danny Gregory


“Why don’t you go on west to California? There’s work there, and it never gets cold. Why, you can reach out anywhere and pick an orange. Why there’s always some kind of crop to work in. Why don’t you go there?”   —Johnny Steinbeck, Grapes o’ Wrath.

It’s a schlep, people.

I have to get out of my lawn chair, walk all the way to the back of the yard, pick a half dozen lemons and limes from our dwarf trees, then walk all the way back to the kitchen, plug in the squeezer, slice and squeeze till my glass is half full, add soda water, and stagger back to my lawn chair.

I’m exhausted. Yet refreshed.

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Imagining Hominid Aesthetics

Netlog+Google blogs artistici : Patrimoni Unesco-Musei-Mostre ed Eventi nell’Arte-WikiLoot,caccia alle antichità saccheggiate nei Musei del Mondo-tele ad olio,dipinti su tela e tavola; clicca link grazie:

Archaeology and Material Culture

The unveiling of spectacular archaeological finds has now become a somewhat formulaic media event, and the recovery of early hominids nearly always includes some artistic imaginations of the skeleton.  Last week Sciencepublished a study on the fifth early hominid skull excavated from the medieval town of Dmanisi in Georgia since 2000.  Nearly all of the articles were graced by fascinating if predictable visuals of the finds:  photographs in situ, scans of skulls, video imaginations of the hominids, and reconstructions of the long-lost ancestors.  The Dmanisi press coverage is simply one of myriad popular narratives that illuminate how popular visual representations shape archaeological narratives—both for better and worse.

The 1.8 million year old skeletal remains from Dmanisi are among the earliest hominids outside Africa (excavations at Dmanisi were reported in 2002 and 2007), so they have significant implications on hominid evolutionary narratives.  Nevertheless, the popular…

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Cezanne e la poesia del colore – Nasce l’arte moderna – L’analisi – II Parte







































































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Cezanne e la poesia del colore – Nasce l’arte moderna – I Parte

TUMBLR Blog artisrici:”Insieme a te” informazioni artistiche e pittoriche con foto-immagini e collegamenti – Blog “Personale” con informazioni artistiche e dettagli in foto-pitture e foto-pubblicazioni ; link :















































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“Nei campi d’autunno”

“Nei campi d’autunno”

Tela ad olio cm 40 x 30, pittura diretta o alla prima- dipinto a cavalletto in attesa dell’ asciugatura, in Casa-Studio di pittura ed arte,”Pizzico d’atelier” dipinto a fine esecuzione, prima della rifinitura con gomma damar (vernice finale).